MyraPirate Fire Dancer

Welcome to the Fire Circus

Bringing fire dancing to your special day! Be prepared to be dazzled with the power of fire and the excitement of rushing flames. Your guests will be left feeling inspired and full of joy!

Miranda Bressler

From big crowds, weddings, and smaller personal shows, a fire performance can enchant an audience of all ages.

Miranda Bressler has been a performing artist since she was young. The circus lives inside of her and will burn bright to inspire wonder and empowerment in her performances. 

Miranda Fire Performs with:

Photo taken by Lizzie Stowe
Photo taken by Kevin LeVezu
Taken by Nathan Petron with Captyrd Studios
Taken by Tyler Ross


I see your passion. You light up. Not just your smile but your eyes, your body language. I always look around and everyone (myself included) is so mesmerized. Having you spin fire at the wedding was one of the greatest honors because I knew it meant just as much to you as it did me.
Katelynn Hansen
You can't help but feel uplifted. She infuses so much passion and joy in every performance.
Krisstina Hawks

Interested in learning to find your FLOW?

Miranda is a certified yoga instructor and LOVES to teach others how to connect with their bodies through mindful movements with props or without props! She offers private and group classes. Come join the fun!